Affirmations give women and girls strength for their journey.

Strength For Her Journey 

Did you know that most girls receive assaults upon their esteem 20 times during the school day?  These assaults can have a devastating impact upon a young lady’s social, emotional and even academic growth and well being.

Positive self-talk, or affirmations, are a powerful tool to combat hurtful words while boosting and protecting self-esteem even during the most trying times.

Affirmations are pretty simple to create and with a little practice, you can teach your daughter to develop them daily or in the midst of  those moments when others words work to bring her down.

Affirmations don’t have to be elaborate. Even a simple 1 to 5 word affirmation will work.

Power statements such as:   “Yes, I can do this.”   “I’m pretty just the way I am!”    “DREAM BIG!”    “My future is full of potential.  I will make no small plans,” or any statement that speaks positively to who she is, her personality and those things she loves about herself can work wonders when faced with challenges to esteem.

So, how do you convince your daughter that this works and it isn’t ‘stupid’ to talk to herself?

Easy!  Model the behavior. This means you will need to develop some affirmations to speak aloud when you need them.   Speak them in her presence and she’ll become curious.  Here are a few affirmations to get you started.

Your tween or teen will at some point give you a crazy look and ask what you are doing.  She may even roll their eyes when you explain it and suggest to her that she try it sometime, but have faith!  Most, girls will try it the next time you aren’t looking.

Do you have an affirmation to share with others? Share it in the space provided below!

Enjoy the journey ladies!

Ladon Brumfield
Executive Director
Girls Rule!