The Girls Rule! Etiquette Imperative

During an interview for a magazine article on the subject of etiquette, the columnist me: 

“Is social etiquette an outdated concept?”

So many boundaries and expectations around acceptable social behavior have changed over the years, so I can certainly understand why this question begs answering.

‎”Manners provide insight to one’s soul.
They are the momentary display of those qualities
which reside in the heart.”

During my etiquette workshops, many teen, tween and adult young ladies said they initially felt “etiquette coaching” was an outdated concept…that was until they found themselves feeling awkward during high school and college admittance interviews, attended an event for which they were  grossly under prepared or inappropriately dressed or felt the anxiety of trying to stay focused on an important academic, business or employment opportunity while navigating an unfamilar place setting over lunch or dinner.

 The reality is, “please” and “thank you’s” never go out of style.  In fact, to get ahead in life, soft skills like social, communication, style and grace play a significant role in setting young ladies head and shoulders above the competition when being considered for special school opportunities and programs, scholarships, and jobs.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Three separate studies conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and the Stanford Research Institute agree that success in getting, keeping and advancing in a job depends:

85% on people skills, and only

15% on technical skills. 

So proper social skills including courtesy and respect may be the bottom line in determining a profitable future.

This CNN piece examines the potential advantages of proper etiquette for job hunters.

Etiquette mastery an outdated concept?  I think not.  It’s a valuable tool to leverage as we work diligently to achieve and live the successful lives we envision. 

Ladon Brumfield, Director
Girls Rule!
Inspiring Girls to Blend…OUT!