2010 New Year Dawn

Image by Big Jobs via Flickr

Well it’s just about that time folks!  Here we stand on the cusp of ending one amazing chapter of our lives and beginning a new and exciting one.  
 As we transition from one year to the next and begin to think about all of the wonderful changes we’d like to make in 2011, I invite you to spend an equal amount of time and energy taking stock of the many wonderful blessings, accomplishments and challenges you overcame in 2010. 
Why?  I’m glad you asked! 
Sometimes during our life’s journey, when we experience trails – either in the business or personal realm, we forget how much road…how much tough terrane we’ve already traveled!  We forget all we’ve survived and those moments when we bent, but didn’t break.  
So go ahead!  Write down the changes you’ll make in 2011, but don’t forget to log the challenges you overcame 2010, because after all… you ARE a CHAMPION.
Ladon Brumfield
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