A southern Indiana school district drew fire after telling a teenager to sing the national anthem their way – a more “traditional” way.  Since then the teen, Shai Warfield-Cross has received a formal apology from the school principal.  He also promised to personally introduce her to the audience the next time she sings the song, which she’ll be allowed to sing her way. <more below>

What Happened?

Shai, a 16 year old sophamore student at Bloomington High School North, has performed “The Star Spangle Banner,” at school sporting events for the past year without incident.  However, a big flap was caused when she sang her interpretation of the national anthem before a game in Marshville, IN.

Bloomingtion High School North’s principal, Jeff Henderson reprimanded the teen for her interpretation of the song after receiving complaints from some who found the melody to be unrecognizable and others who felt the rendition was disrespectful to both past and current members of the United States military.  

Do you think the National Anthem is up for interpretation?  Should we inspire girls to blend out – but only in ways that make others feel comfortable?

Ladon Brumfield
Girls Rule! Inspiring Girls to Blend…OUT!