by Lisa Guillot, Step Brightly Creative Group

Part 2 of the Step Brightly Creative Women in Business Series Interview
with Ladon Brumfield, Director of Girls Rule!

Our favorite radio station, V103FM highlights “Views from the Heart” with Hermene Hartman, editor of N’Digo Magazine.  She shares her thoughts about Girls Rule and their list of 101 things a girl should know before she enters high school. Step Brightly’s favorite: #99 Pick friends who enhance your life.

Ladon Brumfield continues…

How do you continue to learn, evolve, network and find work/life balance?
It really is challenging! For entrepreneurs who are either building a business or working diligently to sustain or grow it, maintaining work/life balance is always a challenge. I think it’s an even more challenging balancing act for mompreneurs. I am no exception. I have to work extra hard to adhere to specific work hours so that work and life boundaries don’t become skewed. Sometimes I’m successful. Other times, I fail miserably.

I carve out time each day…ok, in reality, it’s just couple of times a week, to read articles from other professionals in my field. I also belong to several online community groups for entrepreneurs where I may network and share what I’ve learned while learning from others. To ensure that my programming continues to evolve, whenever possible I facilitate my own workshops so that can keep a pulse of and better understand the changing needs of the young ladies Girls Rule! serves.

How do you stay true to yourself as an individual in the business world?
I focus on purpose. I am not doing this work by accident, but by appointment. For me, Girls Rule! is a purpose driven work that I have been specifically prepared and crafted to do for this season. My spiritual, social and professional purpose and skill-sets are aligned…finally.

Many persons don’t know that initially, I primarily lived <read more>