Ladon Brumfield for Girls Rule!

When my daughter was younger, I remember taking her to see her first feature film.  It was a beautiful and bright summer day, so when we entered the theater, we struggled to find our seats until our eyes adjusted to the darkness and our bodies adjusted to what felt like subzero air conditioning.  My it was cold in there!  After the movie ended, I took my daughter’s  hand and we walked together toward the nearest exit.  When I opened the door, the bright and beautiful sunlight pierced the darkness and almost blinded us.  As I stepped forward into the light, I felt my daughter’s tiny hand pulling me back into the darkness.  She was afraid.  “Mommy, it’s too bright!” she said.  I explained to her that our eyes had become accustomed to the darkness and our bodies had adapted to the coldness of the theater, but that didn’t mean we were meant to stay there.  After a little more coxing, we braced ourselves and stepped out of that cold and dark place together.  Within a minute, our eyes adjusted to the light and we opened our arms wide to more fully enjoy the wonderful sensation of the warm sun rays dancing on our skin.  As she skipped and laughed, my daughter said, “Mommy, you were right!  We had been in there so long I’d forgotten how good it felt out here.”

What a lesson!

In life, one thing is certain.  Dark days, trials, tribulations will come.  But let’s not allow our minds, bodies or spirits to become so comfortable in darkness that we grow too fearful to step into the light, love, opportunity or purpose awaiting us…someone may just be depending upon you to show them the way.


Ladon Brumfield
Girls Rule!