Recently, during a conversation about my full-time work with Girls Rule!, I was asked how volunteer Executive Directors who desire to work for their organizations full-time, may raise funds to cover their salaries.  While we discussed development of operational budges, fundraising strategies and program budgets, many were unfamiliar with capacity grants and the role they play in financially supporting various aspects of Executive Director level activities and job functions. 

Capacity Building Grants – Where/What Are They? 
You may find these funding opportunities by conducting topical grant searches for capacity building grants.  Capacity building grants are grants provided by foundations and other funders to support many Executive Director and staff responsibilities and tasks, such as:

Strategic Planning

Activities related to developing partnerships or collaboration with NPOs

Program development and research

Attending professional development and networking opportunities

Strategies to enhance the operations of your org

and so on…

When developing your organizational cost centers, a portion of your time would be charged against and paid for by these funds and therefore would support a part of your salary. 

Many organizations focus on grants designed to solely support their programs and sometimes overlook this important funding opportunity which goes a long way to supporting work designed to equip your organization to carry out its mission.

Hope this helps!

Ladon Brumfield

Girls Rule!