About Ladon Brumfield
“If given the opportunity and access, I believe that all young ladies can and will  rise to greatness.”
  ~ Ladon Brumfield, Girls Rule! Director

Simply put, Ladon Bumfield is committed to helping girls and women to help themselves.  She is CEO of Girls Rule!, a social enterprise that aids in the self-development of girls and young ladies through career exploration, etiquette coaching, leadership development, and esteem enhancement while helping them to confront and over come subtle societal messages about their value and potential.  Recently, Girls Rule! received Chicago’s Philanthropic Social Enterprise of the Year Award for the impact its programming has made in the lives of urban youth. 

Ladon served on the Oak Park School District Strategic Plan Adjustment Committee where she developed results based strategies to help district students to become an active agent in their educational experience.  She also serves as a facilitator for the Black Women’s Health Imperative where she teaches young ladies and women how to lead empowered and healthful lives.   She is passionate about issues that impact youth, justice, equality, and human rights.
Ladon began her work with Girls Rule! in 2005, with a small group of 10 girls while also managing operations for Chicago and Wisconsin offices of a top 3 International HR Consulting firm.  Eventually, deciding to bring into alignment her spiritual, professional and social purpose, she decided to focus on Girls Rule!, her purpose driven work.  
Since becoming the first Executive Director of Girls Rule! in 2008, Ladon expanded Girls Rule! programming from (1) one ten girl chapter, to an organization that serves young ladies residing in more than 20 Chicagoland communities, schools and social service organizations. 
Ladon has developed a holistic methodology to address the changing needs and challenges experienced by young ladies who reside in urban communities by developing a variety of dynamic programs and workshops.  She has enhanced community outreach, membership and  developed and implemented a parent engagement and education program component to teach parents how to support and become a part of their children’s learning as well as to reinforce what their child(ren) have learned as participants in the Girls Rule! program.  Under her leadership, Girls Rule! has expanded its program offering to include and entrepreneurial program, Etiquette coaching, economic literacy and a year around program that provides tools to aid young ladies with goal setting, measurement and achievement to name a few.   
Ladon possesses extensive experience in business and operations management, finance and; development of program and training tools for the private, public and non-profit sectors.
She enjoys appearing at speaking engagements with her 14-year-old daughter, who instructs Girls Rule! etiquette classes with other Girls Rule! Peer Mentors.

In her spare time, she loves bowling, knitting, sewing, reading and traveling with family and friends.