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Girls Rule! | The Etiquette Imperative featured in B.Couleur Magazine:


“Daily, girls are bombarded with subtle societal messages about their value and potential. When we replace negative messages with positive tools and proper social skills including courtesy, civility, and respect it proves to be the bottom line in determining a profitable and successful future.”

Recently, Girls Rule! and The Etiquette Imperative were featured in the B.Couleur Magazine article, “Girls Rule! Old-Fashioned Etiquette Prepares Girls for Modern Success” by award winning journalist, Nykeya Woods. We are honored and proud to raise the visibility and highlight the importance of etiquette mastery and it’s significant impact on future earning potential and civil social interactions.

Thank you to all of our supporters, partners, followers and subscribers for helping to make our work possible. We hope you enjoy the piece:

“Gone are the days when ladies put on gloves for an outing, dress up to run errands, or wear a slip under a skirt. More people today view etiquette-letting seniors or pregnant women sit on public transportation or holding doors open-as a dying practice. Yet, others argue that the more etiquette is disregarded, the more conflict will arise. Ladon Thames-Brumfield thinks a return to etiquette instruction could revive the art of civility and manners.

Seven years ago, the former corporate…

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Girls Rule!
Inspiring Girls To Blend…OUT!
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Mother and daughter

Mother and Daughters Building Positive Self Image One Step at a Time

Question: How do I help my 12-year-old daughter increase her self-esteem when my own is not that great?

Answer: Even though life experiences have not enabled you to feel positive self-esteem, you still can help others to build a positive image:

1. Compliment your daughter on the decisions that she makes. When she has a problem, help her to search for ways to deal with the situation, rather than taking over the problem and telling her what she should do.

2. Help her analyze her poor decisions so she can identify her mistakes and chart better courses of action.

3. Encourage your daughter to take positive risks such as trying out for a sport, attending a club, or volunteering to work on a special project. By taking these risks, she can gain the attention from others who can support you in your efforts to make her feel significant.

4. Teens feel most confident when they know they can make a difference — that they can help others. Seek opportunities for her to show what she can do and where she can earn compliments from others, not just from her friends or her parents.

It’s never too late to begin to find out just how great we really are. Make a list of your own strengths and find ways to use them more. Others will notice and value your contributions. Soon you’ll be on the road to building your own self-esteem.

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The Etiquette Imperative Workshops

The Know Your Destination Etiquette Series.

The Etiquette Imperative, as featured on The Evening News with Katie Couric, Chicago's NBC 5 and in other media outlets, provides an organized opportunity for discussion of the rules of etiquette in an age appropriate fun and engaging manner.

Access to these esteem building, critical life skills help girls to successfully navigate social situations, enhance their communication skills and serve them well as they transition in to adulthood. Learn more!

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